Prison, The Jailhouse, The Penn, The Glasshouse, The Gulag


We've all at some point wondered how we would fare, if for whatever reason we found ourselves behind bars

How we could avoid becoming a target for violence, or indeed 'romance', what the food would be like, how we would spend our days, and hopefully none of us have to experience it first hand.

With a world prison population of approximately 10 million, it will come as no surprise that every year there are numerous escape attempts, some successful, some unsuccessful, and some just downright comical.

Let's take a look at some examples of the more humorous attempts from around the globe.

Facing a 'significant' amount of time behind bars, this inmate orchestrated what can only be compared to an episode of Miami Vice prison escape. He somehow managed to convince someone to extract him via helicopter, and how did it end? With the pilot sustaining head and neck injuries, and the inmate fracturing his foot when the amateur pilot somehow got the blades entangled.

Inmate number 2 had the bright idea to 'borrow' his wife's spare clothes on a prison visit, in an attempt to some way, somehow, somewhat? Impersonate a woman. The funny part is he actually managed to exit the prison, only to be caught by a policeman who observed his masculine way of walking when en route to a bus stop. Almost, almost…

There are 8 more of these hilarious failed attempts, watch below